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Our one-on-one training allows you to get the full attention and customization within your workouts you need to maximize your potential. Our certified personal trainers will structure workouts specific to your goals, fitness level and limitations.  At JRSSC, we also provide some direction outside of our workouts and advice on nutrition and healthy living.   If you are new to the gym, been away for a while or just looking to take it up a notch personal training is a great way to ensure you have the correct form and intensity level to maximize your results safe and effectively.


Want to do personal training with a buddy?  Tandem training is the way to go.  Training with a partner is a great way to hold you more accountable and add a little camaraderie.  With 1-on-2 training you are also receiving much of the personal attention and customization you would receive in personal training. 


Small group training (3-7 people) is a great way for a group to strive towards a common goal within a team setting.  This type of training allows personal trainers to give some attention to each client to ensure proper technique and progression all while in a group exercise atmosphere.  You can choose to either have your own group with similar goals or you can to jump into one of our pre-created JRSSC classes that we hold in the functional training zone (located on the pooldeck).  


​At JRSSC, we provide team training specific to the demands of the sport to both maximize your sports performance and prevent potential injuries. Whether it is the off-season, pre-season or mid-season we will both train and teach the athletes proper progression, technique and exercises needed for their sport.  Our certified trainers have experience training variety of teams at varying age groups whether its baseball, soccer, swimming, lacrosse and more.