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Q & A with Becca

When did you become a member of our center?

I joined in February 2017.  My birthday was on the 20th and I wanted to treat myself.  I had no idea how quickly I would fall in love with the place!


What goals did you set? What progress have you made?

“I have always been a very active person.  Even at my heaviest, 330 pounds, I was still running around…For more than a decade, I have struggled with my weight. I tried various diets, workout routines, videos.  Nothing seemed to stick.  Once I joined, I set obtainable goals; Workout 3x/week, say no-thank-you to carbs and lose 20 lbs.  Once those goals were met I set new ones. Now, only six months later I weigh 235 pounds and have lost track of all the inches that have shed from my body. I am at the gym almost EVERYDAY! Not because I have to anymore, but because I want to! I now have new goals set…”


What do you enjoy/use most in the Rouse Center?

“I love everything the Rouse Center has to offer.  I seriously utilize all amenities.  I have a well-rounded workout!  I will play basketball with my husband and hit the weight room a few times a week. I will swim laps when my back hurts.  But, what I enjoy most are the group exercise classes.  Due to my schedule, I do the morning classes.  I have tried all classes - they are all GREAT! And ALL the instructors are amazing!”


What keeps you inspired or motivated to stay on track with your wellness goals?

 “I stay inspired and motivated by my family's encouragement and the wonderful people at the Rouse Center.  Not only does the staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, the members are some of the nicest people I have ever met!”


Any words of wisdom for others starting out? 

“Words of wisdom... Sometimes no matter how hard you try you may not see results. You have to change things up and find what works for you. Once I made my mind up to do this there was no stopping me!”