Junior Strength

Begins March 26 – April 11  Tuesdays  & Thursdays at 6:30pm

Junior Strength’s purpose is to create a safe and exciting environment for teens to learn free weight exercises, equipment and weight room etiquette.


The program length of Junior Strength is 6 sessions total, offered 2x/week for 4 weeks. The duration of the classes will be approximately 60 minutes. This class will be taught by a trained instructor. The maximum amount of student in this course is 4-5.

This program will introduce proper free weight training to teens aged 14 and older. The bulk of the class will be learning technique and form while performing a variety of free weight exercises. Instruction will also be taught on proper free weight area etiquette, equipment use and spotting techniques. Also, we will ensure form on a variety of exercises with advancement in weight/difficulty given only if the student demonstrates proper technique.

The main exercises covered will be variations and combinations of the 5 main movements; Squat, Hip-Hinge, Lunge, Upper Body Pull, Upper Body Push. Also, classes will focus on the following topics; Spotting techniques, free weight etiquette, “how to“ of free weight equipment.

$90 – Members
$115 – Non-Members
$75 – Junior Fitness Graduate Special



  • Upon passing this course youth aged 14 or 15 years old will be permitted to use our fitness center with a parent present in the building. (if not already permitted through Junior Fitness)
  • Youth aged 14 or 15 will be able to use the free weight area without a parent in arm’s reach. (Parent must be somewhere in the building)
  • Failure to obey the policies of the fitness center will lead to the following actions: A) The student’s dismissal from the program B) Revoking of the graduate’s privileges
  • Reservation occurs upon registration and payment and prior to the first class.
  • The 14-15 yr. old student must attend a minimum of 5 of the 6 classes unless otherwise permitted to receive special permissions listed above.
  • The student must demonstrate knowledge for the safe use of free weights, proper form and technique, maturity/etiquette, willingness to learn and participation in class.
  • No refunds, a Rouse credit may be issued if a refund is warranted. An exception can be made in certain cases. These cases will be reviewed by the program director. Upon approval, the refund will be processed in 7-10 business days. All cash refunds will be processed as a check. Credit card refunds will only be processed back onto the original card of use.

For more information, contact Kathy Williams at: 540-318-6332 or kwilliams@rousecenter.com.